IAU Division D: High Energy Phenomena and Fundamental Physics

Welcome to the home page of Division D of the IAU. Division D is part of the new structure of the International Astronomical Union, launched in August 2012 at the Beijing XXVIII GA.

Division D subsumes the old Div. XI (Space and High Energy Astrophysics) with a broader scientific perspective including, e.g., "multi-messenger astronomy" (cosmic rays, neutrinos, gravitational waves, etc.), and non-thermal phenomena emitting radiation from the radio to TeV gamma-rays. Interests span from the mildly-relativistic electrons of supernova remnants or the hot intracluster medium, to ultra-relativistic cosmic-rays and their products in active galaxies and elsewhere. Phenomena include plasma astrophysics, magnetohydrodynamics, shocks, particle acceleration, photoionization, jets, outflows, bursts, extreme gravity, strong magnetic fields, etc. Example questions of topical interest might include the physics of dark matter, active-galaxy feedback, missing baryons in the warm/hot phase of the intergalactic medium, and the equation of state of neutron-star matter.

Any IAU member who works in the field, and who is not yet a member of this Division but wishes to join should send an e-mail with relevant details to the Secretariat at iauinfos@iap.fr and to the Division President, Diana Worrall.

The Division currently hosts a single Commission, 44 Space and High Energy Astrophysics (see tab below). The Commission President is Christine Jones

The members of the Division Steering Committee (see tab to left) welcome your views on the evolution of the Division.

If you wish to propose an IAU meeting please consult the guidelines (see tab below) and note the annual Sept 15th and Dec 15th deadlines. You should consult relevant Commission and Division Presidents in advance and attach records of the consultations (usually copies of e-mails) to your proposal.