Dr. Andrew J. Young


I am a lecturer in the Astrophysics Group in the Department of Physics at the University of Bristol

My research interests are in high energy astrophysics, and X-ray astronomy in particular.  X-rays are produced by extremely hot (million+ degree) gas.  Extreme environments that produce strong X-ray emission include gas falling into black holes, the centres of “active” galaxies, jets, outflows, and clusters of galaxies.  I study these systems using images and spectra from space-based X-ray observatories including Chandra, XMM-Newton and Suzaku

Lecture courses

    Lecture notes and problem sets for courses (or parts of course) that I teach are available through the following links:


    Astrophysical and Fusion Plasmas

GPU computing

    Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) with hundreds of cores can be used to create a “desktop supercomputer”.  I am using these for data analysis and spectral modelling


    I am working with a number of graduate and masters students.  More information here


    I am an examinations officer for the Department of Physics.  More information on examinations can be found here (UoB access only)