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Division VIII: Galaxies and the Universe

Welcome to the WWW homepage of Division VIII of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) .

Division VIII contains two large Commissions

Commission 28 (Galaxies) Commission 47 (Cosmology)
  President: F. Combes   President: S. Lilly
  Vice President: R. Davies   Vice President: R. Webster

and coordinates the activities of these Commissions on behalf of their members and the international astronomy community. Its work includes the promulgation and discussion of proposals for new Commissions, Working Groups, IAU Symposia and Colloquia, and Joint Discussions at General Assemblies. Instructions on how to propose a meeting are given on the meetings page of the IAU WWW site, where all necessary forms can be found. If Division VIII is to be the proposing Division, then a copy of the proposal should be sent to the President of the Division, Francesco Bertola, after it has been discussed by all sponsoring Divisions and Commissions.

The Board of Division VIII includes the present and past President and Vice President of both Commissions in the Division. Its current members are F. Bertola, M. Birkinshaw, F. Combes, S. Lilly, S. Okamura (President), J. Peacock, E. Sadler (Vice-President), V. Trimble, and R. Webster.

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