Planet Formation Group
Astrophysics Department, School of Physics, University of Bristol


Our work focuses on numerical simulations of planet formation, covering the topics of collision evolution of planetesimals, young planets in transitional disks, circumbinary planets, formation of a non-chondritic earth and the moon formation puzzle. more

Planet Collisions
Artist: Lynette Cook.

News and Highlights

April 2016: -

Paper 'Modelling circumbinary protoplanetary disks II. Gas disk feedback on planetesimal dynamical and collisional evolution in the circumbinary systems Kepler-16 and 34' by Lines et al. accepted for publication in A&A.

March 2016: -

We congratulate Dr Stefan Lines on passing his PhD viva.

January 2016: -

Paper 'Hiding in the Shadows II: Collisional Dust as Exoplanet Markers' by Dobinson et al. accepted for publication in ApJ.

An EDACM online calculator is now available here.

November 2015: -

We congratulate group members Mia Mace and Stefan Lines for winning entries in this year's Art of Science competition.

Earth's Atmosphere
Mia Mace

Four Eyes of Tatooine
Stefan Lines

October 2015: -

Paper 'Compositional Evolution during Rocky Protoplanet Accretion' by Carter et al. published in ApJ.

September 2015: -

Paper 'Modelling circumbinary protoplanetary disks I. Fluid simulations of the Kepler-16 and 34 systems' by Lines et al. published in A&A.

We congratulate Dr Jack Dobinson on passing his PhD viva.

June 2015: -

Paper 'Numerically Predicted Indirect Signatures of Terrestrial Planet Formation' by Leinhardt et al. published in ApJ.


Former group members

  • Dr Jack Dobinson
  • Dr Amy Bonsor

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Moon formation in a circumterrestrial disc

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SL9 disruption