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Research papers by current members of the group published in 1996 are listed below.
The names of members of the Astrophysics Group are given in block capitals.


BREMER, M.N., Snellen, I.A.G., Schilizzi, R.T. & Miley, G.K., 1996.
Near-infrared imaging of gigahertz peaked-spectrum radio galaxies: tracing the evolution of giant ellipticals?
Monthly Notice R.A.S., 283, 123-126.

De Gouveia Dal Pino, E.M., & BIRKINSHAW, M., 1996.
Three-dimensional simulations of protostellar jets in stratified ambient media.
Astrophys. J., 471, 832-846.

De Gouveia Dal Pino, E.M., BIRKINSHAW, M., & Benz, W., 1996.
A possible mechanism for wiggling protostellar jets from three-dimensional simulations in a stratified ambient medium.
Astrophys. J., 460, L111-L114.

Driver, S.P., Couch, W.J., PHILLIPPS, S., & Windhorst, R.A., 1996.
The Inferred Redshift Distribution of the Faint Blue Galaxy Excess.
Astrophys. J., 466, L5-L8.

Driver, S.P., & PHILLIPPS, S., 1996.
Is the Luminosity Distribution of Field Galaxies Really Flat?
Astrophys. J., 469, 529-534.

Driver, S.P., Windhorst, R.A., PHILLIPPS, S., & BRISTOW, P.D., 1996.
Hubble Space Telescope Counts of Elliptical galaxies: Constraints on Cosmological Models?
Astrophys. J., 461, 525-533.

Gwinn, C.R., Eubanks, T.M., Pyne, T., BIRKINSHAW, M., & Matsakis, D.N., 1996.
Quasar proper motions and low-frequency gravitational waves.
Astrophys. J., 485, 87-91.

HARDCASTLE, M.J., Alexander, P., Pooley, G.G., & Riley, J.M., 1996.
The jets in 3C66B.
Monthly Notices R.A.S., 278, 273-284.

HUMPHREYS, E.M.L., GRAY, M.D., Yates, J.A., Field, D., Bowen, G., & Diamond, P.J., 1996.
SiO masers in Mira variables at a single stellar phase.
Monthly Notices R.A.S., 282, 1359-1371.

JONES, J.B., Gilmore, G., & Wyse, R.F.G., 1996.
Good Abundances from Bad Spectra. I. Techniques.
Monthly Notices R.A.S., 278, 146-182.

O'Dea, C.P., WORRALL, D.M., Baum, S.A., & Stanghellini, C., 1996.
A ROSAT search for clusters around three powerful radio galaxies at redshifts 0.1 <= z <= 0.25.
Astron. J., 111, 92-101.

OLIVER, R.J., MASHEDER, M.R.W., & Thaddeus, P., 1996.
A new CO survey of the Monoceros OB1 region.
Astron. Astrophys. 315, 578-590.

PHILLIPPS, S., & Edmunds, M.G., 1996.
Global Chemical Evolution. I. QSO Absorbers and the Chemical Evolution of Galaxy Discs.
Monthly Notices R.A.S., 281, 362-368.

Pyne, T., & BIRKINSHAW, M., 1996.
Beyond the thin lens approximation.
Astrophys. J., 458, 46-56.

Pyne, T., Gwinn, C.R., BIRKINSHAW, M., Eubanks, T.M., & Matsakis, D.N., 1996.
Gravitational radiation and very long baseline interferometry.
Astrophys. J., 465, 566.

SCHWARTZENBERG, J.M., PHILLIPPS, S., & Parker, Q.A., 1996.
Digital Stacking of Tech Pan Films and the Photometry of Faint Galaxies.
Astron. Astrophys. Suppl., 117, 179-187.

Urry, C.M., Sambruna, R.M., WORRALL, D.M., Kollgaard, R.I., Feigelson, E., Padovani, P., Perlman, E.S., & Stocke, J.T., 1996.
X-ray properties of a complete sample of radio-selected BL Lac objects.
Astrophys. J., 463, 424-443.



PHILLIPPS, S., 1996.
High Redshift Structures and the Geometry of the Universe.
Astrophys. & Space Sci., 240, 241-247.


X-ray Properties of Radio Jets.
In Energy Transport in Radio Galaxies and Quasars, eds. P.E. Hardee, A.H. Bridle & A. Zensus, Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Proceedings, vol. 100, pp. 335-340.

Isophotal Effects in Faint Galaxy Samples.
In New Light on Galaxy Evolution, Proceedings of I.A.U. Symposium No. 171, eds. R. Bender & R.L. Davies, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, p. 347.

De Gouveia Dal Pino, E.M., & BIRKINSHAW, M., 1996.
Numerical simulations of protostellar wiggling jets.
In Revista Mexicana de Astronomia y Astrofisica Serie de Conferencias, Vol. 4, VIII Reunion Regional LatinoAmericana de Astronomia Union Astronomica Internacional, Montevideo, Uruguay, p. 83.

D'Cruz, N., Rood, R., O'Connell, R., Dorman, B., & DICKENS, R., 1996.
Extreme and Intermediate Blue Horizontal Branch Stars.
Bull. American Astron. Soc., 189.8604

Gorenstein, P., WORRALL, D., Joensen, K.D., Romaine, S,E., Weisskopf, M.C., Ramsey, B.D., Bilbro, J.W., Kroeger, R.A., Gehrels, N.A., Parsons, A.M., Smither, R.K., Christensen, F.E., Citterio, O. & Von Ballmoos, P., 1996.
Hard X-ray Telescope Mission.
In SPIE Proceedings, vol. 2807, Space Telescopes and Instruments IV, ed. P.Y. Bely & J.B. Breckinridge, pp. 119-130.

Halliday, C., Baggley, G., Davies, R.L., BIRKINSHAW, M., Bender, R., & Saglia, R., 1996.
Line strength gradients in low luminosity galaxies.
In New Light on Galaxy Evolution, Proceedings of I.A.U. Symposium No. 171, eds. R. Bender & R.L. Davies, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, p. 387.

The jets in FRII radio galaxies with z <0.3.
In Extragalactic Radio Sources, Proceedings of I.A.U. Symposium No. 175, eds. R. Ekers, C. Fanti & L. Padrielli, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht.

Hughes, J.P., & BIRKINSHAW, M., 1996.
The distance to CL0016+16 and the Hubble constant.
Bull. American Astron. Soc., 27, 1292.

PHILLIPPS, S., & Driver, S.P., 1996.
Number Counts and Evolving Dwarfs.
In New Light on Galaxy Evolution, Proceedings of I.A.U. Symposium No. 171, eds. R. Bender & R.L. Davies, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, p. 431

ROSAT Results for Radio Galaxies.
In Röntgenstrahlung in the Universe, MPE Report 263, eds. H.U. Zimmermann, J.E. Trümper, & H. Yorke, pp. 531-532.


LIANG, H., 1996.
The Distribution of Matter in Clusters of Galaxies (thesis abstract).
Publ. Astron. Soc. Australia, 13, 278.

LANG, W.J., MASHEDER, M.R.W., & Thaddeus, P., 1996.
A New CO Survey of the Lambda Orionis Ring.
Newsletter on Analysis of Astronomical Spectra, 24, 36.

OLIVER, R.J., MASHEDER, M.R.W. & Thaddeus, P., 1996.
A large-scale sensitive CO survey of the Mono OB1 region.
High Sensitivity Radio Astronomy, p88-92.

Parker, Q.A., & PHILLIPPS, S., 1996.
A UKST H-alpha Survey of the Galactic Plane.
Anglo-Australian Observatory Newsletter, 78, 9-10.

Parker, Q.A., & PHILLIPPS, S., 1996.
The New UKST Tech-Pan H-alpha Survey.
Spectrum, 12, 14-16.

PHILLIPPS, S., 1996.
The Origin and Evolution of the Universe (book review).
Observatory, 116, 414.

Tritton, S.B., Parker, Q.A., & PHILLIPPS, S., 1996.
UKST News - A UKST H-alpha Survey of the Galactic Plane.
Spectrum, 11, 13.

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