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Research papers by members of the group published in 1997 are listed below.
The names of members of the Astrophysics Group are given in block capitals.


BREMER, M.N., 1997.
3C 245: the alignment effect and unification schemes.
Monthly Notices R.A.S., 284, 126-136.

Davies, J.I., PHILLIPPS, S., Trewhella, M., & Alton, P., 1997.
Luminosity evolution, extragalactic background light and the opacity of the Universe.
Monthly Notices R.A.S., 291, 59-64.

Edmunds, M.G., & PHILLIPPS, S., 1997.
Global Chemical Evolution. II. The Mean Metal Abundance of the Universe.
Monthly Notices R.A.S., 292, 733--747.

Gwinn, C.R., Eubanks, T.M., yne, T., BIRKINSHAW, M. & Matsakis, D.N., 1997
Quasar proper motions and low-frequency gravitational waves.
Astrophys. J., 485, 87-91.

HARDCASTLE, M.J., Alexander, P., Pooley, G.G., & Riley, J.M., 1997.
The jets in 3C296.
Monthly Notices R.A.S., 288, L1.

HARDCASTLE, M.J., Alexander, P., Pooley, G.G., & Riley, J.M., 1997.
High resolution observations at 3.6 cm of seventeen FRII radio galaxies with z < 0.3.
Monthly Notices R.A.S., 288, 859.

HUMPHREYS, E.M.L., GRAY, M.D., Yates, J.A., & Field, D., 1997.
High-frequency SiO masers in long-period variable stars.
Monthly Notices R.A.S., 287, 663.

Iler, A., Schachter, J.F. & BIRKINSHAW, M., 1997.
Radio polarization in EGRET blazars.
Astrophys. J., 486, 117-125.

Jaffe, W. & BREMER, M.N., 1997
Molecular hydrogen emission in cooling flows.
Monthly Notices R.A.S., 284, L1-L5.

JONES, J.B, Driver, S.P., PHILLIPPS, S., Davies, J.I., Morgan, I., & Disney, M.J., 1997.
Studies of the association of faint blue and luminous galaxies using the Hitchhiker parallel camera.
Astron. Astrophys., 318, 729-740.

Leahy, J.P, Black, A.R.S., Dennett-Thorpe, J., HARDCASTLE, M.J., Komissarov, S., Perley, R.A., Riley, J.M., Scheuer, P.A.G., 1997.
A study of FRII radio galaxies with z < 0.15 -- II. High-resolution maps of eleven sources at 3.6 cm.
Monthly Notices R.A.S., 291, 20.

LIANG, H., Dickey, J.M., Moorey, G., & Ekers, R.D., 1997.
Observations of the 57Fe+23 hyperfine transition in clusters of galaxies.
Astron. Astrophys., 326, 108-112.

LIANG, H., Pierre, M., Unewisse, A., & Hunstead, R.W., 1997.
A X-ray and radio study of the cluster A2717.
Astron. Astrophys., 321, 64.

PHILLIPPS, S., & Davies, J.I., 1997.
The Surface Brightness and Distance of Dwingeloo 1.
Astron. Astrophys. 327, 963-965.

Smith, R.M., Driver, S.P., & PHILLIPPS, S., 1997.
Luminosity Distributions Within Rich Clusters - I: A Ubiquitous Dwarf-Rich Luminosity Function?
Monthly Notices R.A.S., 287, 415.

WALKER, R.N.F. & MASHEDER, M.R.W., 1997.
IRAS 0038+6312 viewed as the core of a collapsing cloud.
Monthly Notices R.A.S., 285, 862-870.

Yates, J.A., Field, D., & GRAY, M.D., 1997.
Non-local radiative transfer for molecules: modelling population inversions in water masers.
Monthly Notices R.A.S., 285, 303.



Instabilities in astrophysical jets
Astrophys. & Space Sci., 242, 17-91.

Simulating Observational Effects in Faint Galaxy Surveys.
Astrophys. Lett. & Communications, 36, 387-391.

HUMPHREYS, E.M.L., GRAY, M.D., Field, D., Yates, J.A., & Bowen, G., 1997.
A Model for the Variability of SiO Masers in Mira Variables.
Astrophys. & Space Sci., 251, 215.

PHILLIPPS, S., Driver, S.P., & Smith, R.M., 1997.
Dwarf Galaxies in Medium Redshift Clusters.
Astrophys. Lett. & Communications, 36, 161-165.

Low Surface Brightness Galaxies in Different Environments.
Astrophys. Lett. & Communications, 36, 279-282.

Yates, J.A., HUMPHREYS, E. M. L., & Richards, A.M.S., 1997.
Simulating H2O Maser Emission in the Mass Outflows from Evolved Stars.
Astrophys. & Space Sci., 251, 285.


Instabilities in astrophysical jets.
In Advanced Topics on Astrophysical and Space Plasmas, Proceedings Advanced School on Astrophysical and Space Plasmas, eds. E.M. Gouveia Dal Pino, A.L. Peratt, G.A. Medina Tancro & A.C.-L. Chian, Kluwer, Dordrecht, pp 17-91.

BIRKINSHAW, M., & Hughes, J.P., 1997.
CL 0016+16 and the Hubble Constant.
In Particle Physics and the Early Universe, eds. R. Bately, M.E. Jones & D.A. Green. Published on the WWW with the URL

D'Cruz, N.L., DICKENS, R.J., Hatzidimitriou, D., Rood, R.T., & O'Connell, R.W., 1997.
Calcium abundances of blue horizontal branch stars in Omega Centauri.
In Advances in Stellar Evolution, proceedings of Stellar Ecology Workshop, Elba, Italy 23rd-29th June 1996, publ Cambridge University Press, p100.

Edmunds, M.G., PHILLIPPS, S. & Eales, S.A., 1997.
Global Chemical Evolution.
In The Hubble Space Telescope and the High Redshift Universe, 37th Herstmonceux Conference, Cambridge, eds. N. R. Tanvir, A. Aragón-Salamanca and J. V. Wall, World Scientific, Singapore, pp. 131-132.

Fender, R. P., Pooley, G.G., Robinson, C.R., Harmon, B.A., Zhang, S.N., & CANOSA, C., 1997.
Radio, Infrared and X-Ray Observations of GRS 1915+105.
In Accretion Phenomena and Related Outflows, the Proceedings of I.A.U. Colloquium No. 163, Port Douglas, Australia, July 15-19, 1996, eds. D. T. Wickramasinghe, G. V. Bicknell & L. Ferrario, publ. Astronomical Society of the Pacific, p. 701.

Iler, A., Schachter, J.F. & BIRKINSHAW, M., 1997.
EGRET blazars identified by 1.4 GHz polarization.
Bull. American Astron. Soc., 27, 189.9905.

JONES, J.B., & Disney, M.J., 1997.
The Surface Brightnesses of Galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field.
In The Hubble Space Telescope and the High Redshift Universe, 37th Herstmonceux Conference, Cambridge, eds. N. R. Tanvir, A. Aragón-Salamanca and J. V. Wall, World Scientific, Singapore, pp. 151-152.

JONES, J.B., & Disney, M.J., 1997.
Surface brightnesses of spiral galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field.
In The Hubble Deep Field Conference Poster Publication, Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, ed. M. Livio, in press.

Karovska, M., Aldcroft, T., Cameron, R.A., DePonte, J., & BIRKINSHAW, M., 1997.
The AXAF ground aspect determination system pipeline.
In Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VI, eds. G. Hunt & H. E. Payne, publ. Astronomical Society of the Pacific, p. 488.

Otterbein, K., HARDCASTLE, M.J., Wagner, S.J., & WORRALL, D.M., 1997.
Intensive Monitoring of the Strongly Variable BL Lac S5 0716+714.
In The Active X-ray Sky: Results from BepppoSAX and Rossi-XTE, Proceedings of the Active X-Ray Sky conference, Rome, Italy, 21-24 October 1997, Rome, Italy, eds. L. Scarsi, H. Bradt, P. Giommi and F. Fiore, published in Nuclear Physics B (Proceedings Supplement), 69, 415-418, publ. Elsevier Science.

PHILLIPPS, S., 1997.
Complete Spectroscopic Surveys of Nearby Galaxy Clusters.
In Wide-Field Spectroscopy, eds. E. Kontizas, M. Kontizas, D.H. Morgan & G.P. Vettolani, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, pp. 281-284.

WORRALL, D.M. 1997.
X-ray Emission from Jets in Centrally Obscured AGN.
In Relativistic Jets in AGNs, eds. M. Ostrowski, M. Sikora, G. Madejski & M. Begelman, publ. Astronomical Observatory of the Jagiellonian University, Krakow, pp. 20-26.


Cygnus A - study of a radio galaxy (book review).
Astrophys. & Space Sci., in press.

Relativity and Gravitation (book review).
The Observatory, 117, 376.

The Hot Universe - IAU Symposium No. 188 (book review).
The Observatory, in press.

CANOSA, T., Fender, R.P., & Pooley, G.G., 1997.
The decay phase of radio flares from GRS 1915+105.
Vistas in Astronomy, 41, 21-26.

Drinkwater, M.J., Davies, J.I., DICKENS, R.J., Gregg, M.D., Parker, Q.A., PHILLIPPS, S., Sadler, E.M., & Smith, R.M., 1997.
Probing the Depths of the Fornax Cluster and Beyond.
Anglo-Australian Observatory Newsletter, 80, 11.

Energy Transport in Radio Galaxies and Quasars (book review)
Observatory, 117, 165-166

Parker, Q.A., PHILLIPPS, S., & Malin, D.F., 1997.
The New AAO/UKST H-Alpha Survey.
Anglo-Australian Observatory Newsletter, 82, 13-15.

Parker, Q.A., & PHILLIPPS, S., 1997.
Prospects for the AAO/UKST Galactic Plane H-alpha Survey: Foreword.
Publ. Astron. Soc. Australia, 15, 1-1.

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