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Research papers published in major refereed journals by members of the Astrophysics group between 1993 and 1994 are listed below. The names of members of the Astrophysics Group are given in block capitals.



Aragón-Salamanca, A., Ellis, R.S., SCHWARTZENBERG, J.M. & Bergeron, J.A., 1994.
The nature of distant galaxies producing multiple CIV absorption lines in the spectra of high-redshift quasars.
Astrophys. J., 421, 27-33.

BIRKINSHAW, M. & Hughes, J.P., 1994.
Abell 2218 and the Hubble constant.
Astrophys. J., 420, 33-39.

On the Baryon Content of the Universe.
Monthly Notices R.A.S., 267, 13-18.

Brunner, H., Lamer, G., WORRALL, D.M. & Staubert, R., 1994.
X-ray spectra of a complete sample of extragalactic core-dominated radio sources.
Astron. Astrophys., 287, 436-452.

Davies, J.I., Disney, M.J., PHILLIPPS, S., Boyle, B.J. & Couch, W.J., 1994.
A Search for Large Low Surface Brightness Galaxies in Deep CCD Data.
Monthly Notices R.A.S., 269, 349-364.

Davies, J.I., PHILLIPPS, S., Disney, M.J., Boyce, P.J. & Evans, Rh., 1994.
Understanding the Surface Brightness Distribution of Disc Galaxies.
Monthly Notices R.A.S., 268, 984-988.

Driver, S.P., PHILLIPPS, S., Davies, J.I., Morgan, I. & Disney, M.J., 1994.
Multicolour Faint Galaxy Number Counts with the Hitchhiker Parallel CCD Camera.
Monthly Notices R.A.S., 266, 155-178.

Driver, S.P., PHILLIPPS, S., Davies, J.I., Morgan, I. & Disney, M.J., 1994.
Dwarf Galaxies at z = 0.2 : Photometry of the Cluster Abell 963.
Monthly Notices R.A.S., 268, 393-404.

Field, D. & GRAY, M.D., 1994.
The influence of free electrons on the evolution of circular polarization in OH masers.
Astron. Astrophys., 292, 271-275.

Field, D., GRAY, M.D. & de St. Paer, P., 1994.
Line shapes of intense OH masers in star forming regions.
Astron. Astrophys., 282, 213-224.

GRAY, M.D. & Field, D., 1994.
Magnetic beaming and the origin of 100% circular polarization in OH masers.
Astron. Astrophys., 292, 693-698.

Jones, K.N., Field, D., GRAY, M.D. & WALKER, R.N.F., 1994.
OH absorption in DR21 and K3-50 revisited.
Astron. Astrophys., 288, 581-589.

MASHEDER, M., Field, D., GRAY, M.D., Migenes, V., Cohen, R.J. & Booth, R.S., 1994.
Very Long Baseline Interferometry of 1720 MHz masers in W3(OH).
Astron. Astrophys., 281, 871-881.

PHILLIPPS, S., 1994.
A Possible Geometric Measurement of the Cosmological Constant.
Monthly Notices R.A.S., 269, 1077-1081.

Wilkes, B.J., Tananbaum, H., WORRALL, D.M., Avni, Y., Oey, M.S. & Flanagan, J., 1994.
The Einstein database of IPC X-ray observations of optically and radio selected quasars: I.
Astrophys. J. Supp., 92, 53-109.

Thermal and non-thermal X-ray emission in low-power radio galaxies.
Astrophys. J., 427, 134-143.

WORRALL, D.M., Lawrence, C.R., Pearson, T.J. & Readhead, A.C.S., 1994.
Extended and compact X-ray emission in powerful radio galaxies.
Astrophys. J., 420, L17-L20.



The X-ray structure and spectrum of NGC 6251.
Astrophys. J., 412, 568-585.

Boyce, P.J., PHILLIPPS, S. & Davies, J.I., 1993.
Quasar-Host Galaxy Detection Using the Cross-Correlation Technique.
Astron. Astrophys., 280, 694-703.

Davies, J.I., PHILLIPPS, S., Boyce, P.J. & Disney, M.J., 1993.
Selection Effects or High Opacity? Understanding the Surface Brightness Distribution of Inclined Disc Galaxies.
Monthly Notices R.A.S., 260, 491-498.

Doel, R.C., GRAY, M.D., Field, D. & Jones, K.N., 1993.
Physical conditions for far infra-red laser emission from OH maser regions.
Astron. Astrophys., 280, 592-598.

Jones, M., Saunders, R., Alexander, P., BIRKINSHAW, M., Dillon, N., Grainge, K., Hancock, S., Lasenby, A., Pooley, G., Scott, P., Titterington, D. & Wilson, D., 1993.
An image of the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect.
Nature, 365, 320-323.

PHILLIPPS, S., 1993.
Infall Models of Galactic Evolution: A solution to the Redshift Distribution Problem ?
Monthly Notices R.A.S., 263, 86-92.

PHILLIPPS, S., 1993.
Large Scale Inhomogeneities and Galaxy Number Counts.
Astron. Astrophys., 275, 357-359.

PHILLIPPS, S., Davies, J.I., Boyce, P.J. & Evans, Rh., 1993.
Surface Brightness Bias in Galaxy Catalogues: Distance Effects.
Astrophys. & Space Sci., 207, 91-104.

PHILLIPPS, S., Disney, M.J. & Davies, J.I., 1993.
The Case for Low Surface Brightness Galaxies as the Absorbers in QSO MgII Systems.
Monthly Notices R.A.S., 260, 453-462.

PHILLIPPS, S. & Parker, Q.A., 1993.
Galaxy Surface Photometry with Kodak Technical Pan Film.
Monthly Notices R.A.S., 265, 385-394.

Pyne T. & BIRKINSHAW, M., 1993.
Null geodesics in perturbed spacetimes.
Astrophys. J., 415, 459-468.

Turner, J.A., PHILLIPPS, S., Davies, J.I. & Disney, M.J., 1993.
A Deep CCD Search for Low Surface Brightness Galaxies in A3574.
Monthly Notices R.A.S., 261, 39-51.


GRAY, M.D., Jones, K.N. & Field, D., 1993.
OH masers and the nature of massive star-forming regions.
J. Chem. Soc. Farad., 89, 2231-2238.

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