Astrophysics Computing Managers Group

The Astrophysics Computing Managers Group (aka Astronomy System Managers) meet twice a year at various astrophysical venues around the UK and occasionally Ireland. We also have an email list called STARMAN@JISCMAIL.AC.UK. This list is archived at Due to discussion of commercial products and other sensitive information a login is required to view the discussions, contact Barry Smalley, address below, for login credentials.

At the meetings we discuss recent astronomical software developments and assess the latest hardware available. By pooling resources, we can help system managers "stay ahead of the game" as new software and hardware that is popular at one site will soon be demanded at other sites. Our meetings allow us to identify important new developments and plan accordingly.

New members of the group are always welcome, please contact Barry Smalley whose address begins with star and the rest of the address is Below is a list of institutions conducting astrophysics research with a local contact name.


Alphabetically by Institution:

Recent Meetings

3rd Sept 2003, UCLAN, Preston
6-7th April 2004, Bristol
7-8th Sept 2004, Leicester
12-13th April 2005, Queen Mary, London
7-8th September 2005, Oxford
26-27th April 2006, Cardiff
6-7th September 2006, St Andrews

Minutes for these meetings are available via the jiscmail website and the not much used Starman wiki.

Next Meeting

19/20th April 2007, University of Central Lancashire, Preston during NAM,.

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