Treeview screenshots

Here are some screenshots of Treeview version 1.4 in action. These by no means show all its capabilities, but can give you an idea of the sorts of data it can deal with.

Multi-extension FITS files

Here some FITS files each containing multiple image HDUs are shown. Summary data is given for the selected HDU.

NDFs and image display

This screenshot shows one directory within a directory tree full of Starlink NDF files. One of them has been opened so that its internal structure is visible, and the 'Image view' tab is selected so that the image with its associated WCS coordinates can be seen.

FITS tables

Here a FITS file with a header HDU and a binary table extension is shown. The table data itself is displayed. Note the tree and detail displays are displayed one over the other rather than side by side here.

ZIP files

Treeview can look inside PKZIP-type files, and hence jar files which are commonly used for packaging java programs and data. This means you can see what is inside these files without having to unpack them into a directory first. To some extent Treeview can show you the contents of entries stored in the zip file too.

XML documents

This shows the structure of an XML file containing the marked up text of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. Thus far, it does nothing more than a suitable XML editor, but is useful for a quick look at the hierarchical structure of an XML document. If there are elements in the XML which Treeview understands as representing particular data structures it can display them intelligently. At version 1.4-1 there are no such understood XML elements -- but watch this space.

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