GILDAS is a collection of state-of-the-art softwares oriented toward (sub-)millimeter radioastronomical applications (either single-dish or interferometer). It is daily used to reduce all data acquired with the IRAM 30M telescope and Plateau de Bure Interferometer PDBI (except VLBI observations). GILDAS is easily extensible. GILDAS is written in Fortran-90, with a few parts in C/C++ (mainly keyboard interaction, plotting, widgets).

Home page is

dec10c version installed on Linux. To use, see notes below:

bash users: You should add in your ~/.bash_profile the following lines
    export GAG_ROOT_DIR=/usr/local/gildas-exe-dec10c
    export GAG_EXEC_SYSTEM=pc-redhat5.5-g95
    source $GAG_ROOT_DIR/etc/bash_profile

csh users:  You should add in your ~/.login the following lines
    setenv GAG_ROOT_DIR /usr/local/gildas-exe-dec10c
    setenv GAG_EXEC_SYSTEM pc-redhat5.5-g95
    source $GAG_ROOT_DIR/etc/login

You should then exit this xterm and open a new one to reset your path.
GILDAS should be ready for use (e.g. type greg @ gag_demo:demo).

Rhys Morris
Last modified: Mon Jan 24 20:42:20 GMT 2011