Linux software packages

We already have several Linux systems in the group and are likely to be buying more PCs. Now we need to think about what software they're going to run.

This page contains a (probably incomplete) list of the astronomical software packages used by the group, together with a summary of what's known about the chances of getting them to run under Linux and of the current position on the Bristol systems. If this list is missing a package which you think is important (or would just like to have) then please send e-mail to Martin (, giving some indication of the importance of the package to your work. The list will be updated as we find out more about the packages or as we actually get them installed on the system.

Data Analysis
PackageImportanceLinux statusBristol status
AIPSHighOK*, version 31DEC01Installed
Miriad (BIMA/ATNF flavours)MediumOK, latest versionATNF flavour installed
Xanadu (FTOOLS/XSPEC)HighOK, latest versionInstalled
Starlink (Gaia, Kappa...)HighOK, latest versionInstalled
CiaoHighOK version 2.0Installed
XMM SASHighOK, version 5.1-
2DFDRHighOK, version 2.0-
Proposal tools
Gemini proposal preparation toolMedium?-
HST proposal preparation toolsMedium?-
StarOfficeMediumOK, version 5.2Installed
SMHighOK, version 2.4Installed