The Grid Storage Resource Broker (SRB)

The instructions on this page are know to work under RedHat Enterprise linux.

Firstly, email the eScience team or see a member of that team (David Wallom, Jon Wakelin or Ian Stewart) to get an SRB account created for you.

In order to use the 'S' commands (Sinit, Sls, Scp etc), the following directory must be in your path.

You must also set up some files in your home directory. As below:
cd ~
mkdir .srb

Make a file ~/.srb/.MdasEnv containing

mdasCollectionName '/UoB-1/home/XXXXX.bristol-is'
mdasCollectionHome '/UoB-1/home/XXXXX.bristol-is'
mdasDomainName 'bristol-is'
mdasDomainHome 'bristol-is'
srbPort '5544'
srbUser 'XXXXX'
srbHost ''
defaultResource 'uobsrb-1'

Where XXXXX is the username the eScience team gave you

Make a file ~/.srb/.MdasAuth containing the password eScience team gave you.

Test using 

to put info into SRB, use

to get it out, use

Finally, on linux you need to use one of the RedHat Enterprise machines. For test purposes, try using the machine aquila.

More info on SRB is available here.

Rhys Morris
Last modified: Tue Feb 15 14:21:03 GMT 2005