XMM SAS Software


Reducing data from the XMM-Newton satellite.


Use sasversion:

The latest version is 19.1.0


You need to run the appropriate initialisation command below or place the command in your .cshrc file. I have installed the 64 bit RedHat Enterprise 7 version.

t/c-shell setup:
module load python/3.9.3_x86_64 
setenv SAS_DIR /usr/local/xmm_sas/xmmsas_20210317_1624
source $SAS_DIR/sas-setup.csh

bash/sh setup:
module load python/3.9.3_x86_64
export SAS_DIR=/usr/local/xmm_sas/xmmsas_20210317_1624
source $SAS_DIR/sas-setup.sh

Important Changes

Version 19.1 requires a python version of at least 3.6 in your PATH variable, hence the module command. If the module command does not work, try running this on a server such as mensa, trappist of typhon or ask Rhys to install it on your desktop.

From version 11.0.0 onwards, you need to setup HEASOFT before initialising XMM sas. To do this, see the HEASOFT page. Or you will get an error message and the initialisation will fail.

You may need to define the SAS_CCFPATH, SAS_CCF and SAS_ODF environment variables depending on the kind of data you are reducing. See the documentation for this.


The manuals for the satellite and the software are here.
User's Guide to SAS can be found at http://xmm.esac.esa.int/external/xmm_user_support/documentation/

CCF Calibration Files

These are mirrored nightly to

Rhys Morris
Last modified: Monday, 22 March 2021