The NRAO Astronomical Image Processing System (AIPS) is a software package for interactive (and, optionally, batch) calibration and editing of radio interferometric data and for the calibration, construction, display and analysis of astronomical images made from those data using Fourier synthesis methods. Design and development of the package began in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1978. It presently consists of over 5400 files containing 2.04 million lines of text. These comprise over 584,000 lines of documentation and on-line help in over 1900 files, and 1.56 million lines of text in over 5400 Fortran, C, and shell source files. It contains over 530 distinct applications "tasks," representing well over 100 person-years of effort since 1978.

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See here and the Banana Book.


AIPS must be installed on each machine before using it, please ask the system manager to do this, if it is not already done. The following machines have AIPS installed (there may be others):


We are now using the 31Dec20 version.


aips notv tpok
print 2 + 2


See the Banana Book

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Related Software

There is CASA.
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