Group Owned Books

Below is a list of books owned by the group primarily for the use of postgrads. These books are usually kept upstairs in room 4.13.

TitleAuthorDate ordered
Programming PerlLarry Wall et al22/5/2002
Learning PerlSchwartz and Phoenix22/5/2002
Easy Microsoft Powerpoint 2000Laura Monsen22/5/2002
Astrophysical QuantitiesEd A. C. Cox15?/7/2002
Numerical Recipes in FortranPress et al15?/7/2002
Statistics of the Galaxy DistributionMartinez and Saar15?/7/2002
Unix Shells by Example 3rd ed.Ellie Quigley29/8/2003
Sky Atlas 2000Will Tirion and Roger Sinnott26/11/2003

Additionally, there is a copy of the Handbook of Space, Astronomy and Astrophysics by Martin V. Zombeck available on the web at Harvard.

Please let Rhys know if any are missing, or of any titles you think would be useful for your work.