From the gim2d home page:

GIM2D (Galaxy IMage 2D) is an IRAF/SPP package written to perform detailed bulge/disk decompositions of low signal-to-noise images of distant galaxies in a fully automated way. GIM2D takes an input image from HST or ground-based telescopes and outputs a galaxy-subtracted image as well as a catalog of structural parameters. This home page describes GIM2D capabilities and results obtained with it.

A linux version is installed. To use it, add the following to your IRAF file:

set fuzzy = /usr/local/iraf_external_packages/fuzzy/
task $fuzzy.pkg = fuzzy$
The the fuzzy task (which contains gim2d) appears the next time you start IRAF.

Rhys Morris
Last modified: Thu Feb 14 16:18:52 GMT 2008