MAGPHYS Multi-wavelength Analysis of Galaxy Physical Properties


MAGPHYS – Multi-wavelength Analysis of Galaxy Physical Properties – is a self-contained, user-friendly model package to interpret observed spectral energy distributions of galaxies in terms of galaxy-wide physical parameters pertaining to the stars and the interstellar medium, following the approach described in da Cunha, Charlot & Elbaz (2008).


See this documnet:


It appears that this software requires everyone to have their own version of all the files totalling around 4gb in space. So either download and extract the tar file, or copy the version in /usr/local/magphys to your own file space.
# First create your own copy of magphys so that all files belong to you.
cp -r /usr/local/magphys /new/place/

# Define the magphys variable (see below) and put it in .cshrc/.bash_profile

# csh/tcsh
setenv magphys /new/place/magphys

# sh/bash
export magphys=/new/place/magphys 

# go to your version the directory containing magphys
cd $magphys

# setup the environment variables, this does require csh/tcsh.
source .magphys_tcshrc

# Build the software if using it for the first time
make all
Note: you can tell which shell you are using via the following command:
echo $SHELL


Software received and installed on Wednesday, 14 June 2017.


Use the data provided and run through the following commands:

# First create and build your own copy of magphys so that all files
#  belong to you as described above.

# Run the following commands to test the package.
cd $magphys
source get_libs
source fit_sample


Make sure the magphys variable is defined by doing:
echo $magphys
if it is undefined, and you have edited your .cshrc/.bash_profile as above, try opening a new terminal.

Magphys requires the user to provide two input files called observations.dat and filters.dat referenced via the variables USER_FILTERS and USER_OBS. There are example files in the directory /usr/local/magphys/eg_user_files or use your own files in $magphys/eg_user_files/

Feel free to edit and change these files. There are backup copies of the original files in filters.dat.orig and observations.dat.orig.

Before the magphys programs will run, you need to set the correct environment variables. You can do this as below:

cd $magphys
source .magphys_tcshrc
You can check where the USER_FILTERS and USER_OBS are pointing using the commands below:
echo $USER_OBS
After putting your filters.dat and observations.dat in the location above, run the magphys software using one or more of the following commands which assume you are in the $magphys directory.

Author and References

Elisabete da Cunha and Stephane Charlot


When using MAGPHYS to interpret galaxy spectra, please refer to the original article of da Cunha, Charlot & Elbaz (2008, MNRAS 388, 1595). For applications not making use of the mid- and far-infrared (λ&2.5μm, rest-frame) capabilities of the models, please refer to, instead, Bruzual & Charlot (2003, MNRAS 344, 1000) and Charlot & Fall (2000, ApJ 539, 718)

Local Modifications

Rhys Morris
Last modified: Tuesday, 20 June 2017