Using the Mathematica Package

Mathematica is a computing environment for doing symbolic and numeric manipulation and visualisation of mathematical expressions. It is also a complete programming environment.

The department has bought 10 licenses for windows, linux and Macintoshes. I have installed the program on our linux machines. Typing "mathematica" should bring it up. At them moment, there is a problem with using it on the Suns under the fvwm window manager (I have not tested it under CDE or openwin), I will let you know when that is sorted out.

In the meantime, if you would like to test it on a Sun machine, you need to run the following commands on your local machine, ie the one you are sat at, before ssh-ing to a linux machine to start mathematica.

xset +fp /usr/local/mathematica_fonts/Type1
xset +fp /usr/local/mathematica_fonts/BDF
xset +fp /usr/local/mathematica_fonts/AFM
xset fp rehash
Please be considerate about your use of mathematica, don't leave mathematica running for long periods while you are not using it.

Click here for a tour of features of mathematica., 12-Nov-2002