MOPEX (MOsaicker and Point source EXtractor) is a package for reducing and analyzing imaging data, as well as MIPS SED data. MOPEX includes the point source extraction package, APEX. MOPEX is designed to allow the user to: MOPEX comes in two different interfaces (GUI and command-line), both of which come packaged together. We recommend that all new users start with the GUI, which is more user-friendly than the command-line interface.


On 16th July 2014 I installed version 18.5.0


To run the gui:

If you get a blank gui with no menus, you may have to set the version
of java to use as follows:

setenv JAVA /usr/local/java_latest/bin/java

To run the command line scripts
cd /usr/local/mopex
source mopex-script-env.csh
cd bin
(for example)




None at present.

Rhys Morris
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