ESO Phase 2 Preparation (P2PP) Tool


The Phase 2 Preparation (P2PP) Tool is used to create and manage Observation Blocks (OBs). These OBs are used to describe observing sequences for a growing number of ESO instruments, both in Visitor Mode and in Service Mode.


For further information, see the documentation.


To use it, add the correct p2pp directory and, if necessary, the Java Runtime Environment to your path either in your .cshrc file or cut and paste the following command
setenv PATH /usr/local/p2pp-3.4.2/bin:${PATH}


setenv PATH /usr/local/p2pp-2.13.1/bin:${PATH}
on to your command line.

You may also need to set your JAVA_HOME variable as below:

 setenv JAVA_HOME /usr/java/java_latest
Then type p2pp.


As of 15 Jul 2015, the Current versions are 2.13.1 (For La Silla) 3.4.2 (For Paranal)


Check which java version you're using with
java -version
It should be at least 1.7 and preferably 1.8.

You could try setting JAVA_HOME to a different version of java, ask the system manager for details.

If you wish to keep information from previous use of P2PP then according to then the advice is:

In case you need to transfer some OBs from your previous installation of P2PP, please run the software, select the OBs and use the command "File > Export" to create a backup. Then, start P2PP 3.4.0 and use the function "File > Import" to ingest the OBs into the new version of P2PP.
for older versions you can backup your old cache directory before running p2pp. Do this by copying the cache to your own filespace by doing something like:

cp -r /usr/local/p2pp-<whatever>/cache ~/p2pp_caches/Dec2010_run/
The p2pp home page is here., 15-Jul-2015