The Protool EU Proposal Submission Tool

In order to submit proposals for European Union (EU) money, the protool sofware should be used. It appears that each user requires their own copy of the software. To do this follow the steps below. First type:

 sh /usr/local/protool/protool-123-unix.bin 
when prompted:
Please choose a Java virtual machine to run this program.
Pick "1" which is /usr/bin/java (so you must have /usr/bin in your path)

Click "next"

Click "yes" to agree with tthe license terms, then click "next".

Click "next", unless you REALLY want to register as a protool user. I've done this for you.

Pick a sensible directory for protool. I was offered

which I accepted by clicking "next".

select /usr/bin/java again. That should do it. To run the tool, type

or alias something to this in your .cshrc. The first thing you must do is obtain a certificate, at least 2 weeks before submitting your proposal. To do this, start the tool, select tools and select certificate manager. You are then prompted for a file to store keys. Then click on the "Request certificate tab" and fill in the form.

The Protool home page is here., 20-April-2000