The best way to use pyraf is to use the version that comes with the special IRAF required for Gemini data that is installed using the ureka system.

It is best not to run the ureka installer using sh install_ureka_1.4.1.2 as that will install a whole 5gb IRAF in your home directory. Instead do this:

Add the following to your ~/.cshrc file

alias ur_setup 'eval `/homeb/your_username/.ureka/ur_setup -csh \!*`'
alias ur_forget 'eval `/homeb/your_username/.ureka/ur_forget -csh \!*`'

substituting your username for your_username. 

Copy my .ureka file

cp -r ~rahm/.ureka ~/

then start a new terminal window and type 



and you're running pyraf.

After confirming that pyraf runs, it is probably worth creating a new IRAF directory for pyraf, as it uses different versions of many programs. So it is recommended that you do the following:
mkdir iraf_pyraf
cd iraf_pyraf

Edit the file to change the following line:

set     imdir           = "/iraf/imdirs/rahm/"
set     imdir           = "HDR$"

so that any two part IRAF files created have the header and the pixels
in the same directory.

Rhys Morris
Last modified: Thu Nov 19 11:44:30 BST 2014