Remote Access

There are a number of ways you can access your files and email remotely.


You can use an ssh client (part of Linux/MAC OS, for Windows download putty) to access an ssh server which is accessible to the whole Internet. Currently this is You can also use the UoB bastion host using your UoB usernames and passwords. A handy trick if you have different usernames on the Astro and UoB systems is to edit ~/.ssh/config file to contain lines like the following for each host you access:
# UOB Machines
Host seis
user phrahm

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Using a VPN effectively gives your computer an address in the UoB address space, so effectively you are on the University network. Once you start the VPN on your home machine or laptop, you can ssh directly to any of our machines including your desktop. The UoB VPN software for various operating systems can be found

Remote Desktop

See our page on X2Go here.

Sharing files on the Web

You can make files available using our webserver. Make a directory in /homeb/WWW eg /homeb/WWW/dave_p and your files will be visible on You don't even have to copy large files to the web directories, you can make a symbolic link to the files using the ln command. eg
ln -s /data/aquila1/dave_p/large_file.fits /homeb/WWW/dave_p/large_file.fits


We no longer run an ftp server as of October 2020.
Rhys Morris
Last modified: Thursday, 22 April 2021