Sextractor is an object detection program by Emmanuel Bertin. Obtained from On 8/7/2014 I installed version 2.19.5 compiled from source, it is the version found in /usr/local/bin/sex


sex image.fits -c

Before running sextractor, you need three files: - the config file mentioned above
default.param - uncomment which parameters you want sextractor to output
default.conv - a convolution mask...

By default the output will be in a file called configurable in

These files must be in the same folder as your fits image unless you
specify absolute paths. Get them with these commands:

cp /usr/local/sextractor-2.19.5/config/ .
cp /usr/local/sextractor-2.19.5/config/default.param .
cp /usr/local/sextractor-2.19.5/config/default.conv .

You may also need:
cp /usr/local/sextractor-2.19.5/config/default.nnw .


The latest version of sextractor requires and amongst others, so if your machine moans about missing libraries. Contact your system amanager.


Sextractor for Dummies as well as the official sextractor manual.
Rhys Morris
Last modified: Wed Jul 9 15:29:25 GMT 2014