Sshuttle allows you route all your internet packets via or the university bastion host Like the VPN, it makes your home computer to appear to be in the Unversity's internet range. It is installed as part of anaconda python, and it requires a python on the remote machine to function.




Install sshuttle on your remote machine using this command:
conda install sshuttle


Version 1.0.4 was in use at the last update of this page.


To use it from a Mac, the command is
/Users/XXXXX/anaconda3/bin/sshuttle \
 -r XXX@ 0/0 --dns \
or From Linux:
 /home/XXXX/anaconda3/bin/sshuttle  \
 -r XXX@ 0/0 --dns \
Remember to substitute your username for the XXXs above.

Once connected, you should get a messages like that below:

client: Connected.
367044client: warning: closed channel 830 got cmd=TCP_STOP_SENDING len=0
server: warning: closed channel 830 got cmd=TCP_EOF len=0
client: warning: closed channel 966 got cmd=TCP_EOF len=0
To stop sshuttle redirecting your internet traffic, use ctrl-c.

Related Software

See the UoB page on the VPN

Potential Problems

While sshuttle is running, you will not be able to access things on your local network eg printers, so you will need to stop it to print.

You will need sudo rights on your local machine (but not on the remote machine).

Rhys Morris
Last modified: Friday, 30 April 2021