USB devices

USB devices usually work well with Linux. However, there is some variation amonst Linux variants as to how they are handled.

Option 1

They may appear as a folder on your desktop. Do what you need, and then right click on the folder to unmount the device, or data corruption may occur.

Option 2

The system may create an entry for the device in the /media directory. So try
ls /media 
to see if there is an USB device, if there is a device, type
mount /media/usbdisk1
and then you must remember to type
umount /media/usbdisk1
after you have finished to avoid data corruption.

Option 3

Finally some awkward devices will need the system manager to set up a specific mountpoint for them, eg /usb1. If option 1 and 2 fail, ask the help of the system manager.

Rhys Morris
Last modified: Fri Oct 19 15:00:30 BST 2007