This is the VIMOS Mask Preparation Software (VMMPS) What is VMMPS? The VIMOS Mask Preparation Software (VMMPS) is a SkyCat plugin to specify the VIMOS instrumental setup for Multi-Object Spectroscopy (MOS) during Phase II Proposal Preparation. VMMPS creates and manages the instrumental setup by means of files containing the Aperture Definition in Pixels (ADP) of the MOS slitlets. The ADP files need to be loaded by the P2PP tool to become part of an Observation Block (OB). For further information, please refer to the VMMPS Cookbook.

Home page is http://www.eso.org/observing/p2pp/OSS/VMMPS

Run on Linux only using (works on all our SL4/SL5 or equivalent systems).


Rhys Morris
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