ZHTOOLS is a collection of stand-alone UNIX programs useful for reduction of astronomical images in FITS format and of X-ray data in general.

zhtools has been taken off the internet by the author who does not wish to maintain it. The version in /usr/local/zhtools_latest was obtained by a direct request to the author. It does not look like the package will be upgraded or updated.


Helpfiles are in /usr/local/zhtools_lates/zhhelp

Read them using zhhelp eg

zhhelp zhtools


None, all the programs are in /usr/local/bin


Latest as of June 2017.




commands will prompt for arguments, eg

zhhelp[pavo]rahm: zhhelp kingimg

  KING	 simulates a beta-model image

	kingimg [img=outimg] [a=a] [ax=ax] [ay=ay] [angle=angle] \
	      [nx=nx] [ny=ny] [i0=i0] [j0=j0] [norm=norm] [beta=beta]

zhhelp[pavo]rahm: kingimg
X size of the output image (nx=)? 

Author and References

Alexey Vikhlinin at CFA.

Local Modifications

Used the following configure line:
./configure --with-libs=/usr/local/zhtools-3.0.4/zhext FC=gfortran

Had to change code in imblock_big.f90


       logical (c_int) :: anyf

       logical (4) :: anyf

to get it to compile.

Program list

ad2rad adapt addcomm addhist addimages angle2size atrous chimtype
classify contmap copyheader copywcs createimg dataio distance dsscoord
dssdetect dssoverlay extrrosatspec fcolappend findpeak fitsparsename
fitspha gaussimg getpar gpart gtiexp gtifits iffits images
images.rosat images.simulate imarith imblock imcalc imcarith imcopy
imdiff imexam img2list immagnify improj imreproj imsmo island kingimg
list2img makeimg makerosatpsf makesnowdenspec mexhat mkcond mkedge
mkprof mkreg modifyheader ph2w pix2sky poisson printkey prof2img
projectimg rad2ad refinepos regions rfits rosat rosatpsffwhm
saoimage2reg savecont scatter select setval size2angle sky2dss sky2pix
spectra stackimages transreg w2ph wfits wvdecomp zhhelp

Rhys Morris
Last modified: Thursday, 15 June 2017