Current Project Students

The M.Sci project students are:

For outlook web app, paste the names below one at a time into a new contact list.

Miriam Aldis BW
Daniel Hill BW
Alice Bowden BW

Shan Nuruddin BM
Darius Michienzi BM
Katie Eggleton BM
Robert Jackson BM

Jonas Yip HW

Thomas Mudd MBi

Emily Barrett RS
Harvey Fraser RS

Iestyn Edwards SF
Megan Mealing SF

Try this format for pasting into outlook for emailing:

Miriam Aldis ; Daniel Hill ; Alice Bowden ; Shan Nuruddin ;
Darius Michienzi ; Katie Eggleton ; Robert Jackson ; Jonas Yip ;
Thomas Mudd ; Emily Barrett ; Harvey Fraser ;
Iestyn Edwards ; Megan Mealing 

You may see Daniel Hill comes up in red in outlook as there are two in
the University. Click on it to choose the one with the username of

The names of the BSc students are:

Pedro Sousa MBi
Imogen Bell Mbi

Laura Gray RM
Grant Williams RM
Milo Varley‐Winter RM
Alexander Hughes RM
Ollie Freeman RM
Lewis Admans RM

Kyra Morris RS
Soror Badr RS
Tommy Guest RS

Gregor Hartl Watters ZL

Try this format for pasting the whole lot into outlook:

Pedro Sousa ; Imogen Bell ; Laura Gray ; Grant Williams ;
Milo Varley‐Winter ; Alexander Hughes ; Ollie Freeman ;
Lewis Admans ; Kyra Morris ; Soror Badr ; Tommy Guest ;
Gregor Hartl Watters 

Some of the addresses came up as red for me, but clicking on them
only gave one choice, so choose that one.

Laura Gray is down as Laura Hardie on the sheet.

Rhys Morris
Last modified: Tuesday, 04 October 2022