University of Bristol Astrophysics Group: Safety matters

Safety in the Astrophysics Group is the responsibility of the Head of Group, Mark Birkinshaw. The maintenance of a safe working environment is a major requirement for the Group and School, and any issues to do with safety in the areas occupied by the Group should be brought to Mark Birkinshaw's attention. Solving any problems is a high priority.

Those working within the Group must follow the University and School Health and Safety policies, which can be referred to on-line. Particular attention should be paid to the School fire safety information and all should confirm that they have read the School safety handbook before commencing work in the Group. While Mark Birkinshaw and Ben Maughan have management responsibility for safety in the Group working areas, all group members are responsible for maintaining a safe environment.

New members of the Group must read the School safety handbook, consider the Risk Assessment Form, and complete the DSE safety self-assessment form (forwarding the result to the School Safety Manager) as soon as they join the Group. Continuing members of the Group should review the material on a regular basis, and discuss any change of use of areas of the building with Mark Birkinshaw and Ben Maughan to ensure that such changes do not adversely affect safety.

Rooms 3.11, 3.15, 3.43, 4.11, 4.12, 4.13, 4.13A, 4.13B, 4.14, 4.15, 4.21A, 4.22A, 4.22B, 4.37, 5.11, 5.13, and the William P. Coldrick Observatory are normally regarded as controlled by the Group, and issues with these areas should be brought to the attention of Mark Birkinshaw or Ben Maughan immediately. Safety issues in common-use areas within the HH Wills Physics Laboratory, or other places, should be brought to the attention of the School Safety Manager. Note that access to the Observatory is restricted to trained group members, and access to the roof requires explicit permission from Mark Birkinshaw.

Matters concerning the use of DSEs, keyboards, and mice, should be discussed with Mark Birkinshaw, Rhys Morris, or the School Safety Manager.

Electrical equipment of all types cannot be used in the HH Wills Physics Laboratory until it has been PAT tested. Regular PAT testing is required for all equipment, and equipment that fails must not be used.

First aid boxes are located in the William P. Coldrick Observatory and outside the Starlink room. These are stocked with equipment useful for very minor injuries. All injuries, whether minor or more significant, must be reported using the Accident and Incident Report Form available on the School Safety WWW site.

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