Student observing trips

STFC students are allocated a certain abount of funding for "Overseas Fieldwork" (observing trips) that is additional to the basic Research Training Support Grant and the Conference and UK fieldwork contribution. The amount of this is calculated per student when the studentship is awarded.

As a result, the amount available for observing trips is not readily predictable. Therefore before a student is taken on a foreign observing trip it is essential that the status of the overseas fieldwork account be checked by the student's supervisor. Normally an observational project will be associated with enough funding to allow several short observing trips abroad, and the Group will always attempt to ensure that students doing observational projects go on one trip so that they learn how professional observatories are run.

A different scheme, of "Long Term Attachments" is appropriate if a long period of overseas fieldwork is to be undertaken. Approval of funding for an LTA should be sought via the submission of an LTA1 application form to STFC. Following the conclusion of the field trip, an LTA2 claim and report form must be submitted promptly.

Further information may be found in the Mark Birkinshaw