Starlink DAOPHOT - Stellar Photometry Package

DAOPHOT is a package for stellar photomoetry designed to deal with crowded fields. The package supported by Starlink, DAOPHOT II: The Next Generation was written by Peter Stetson at the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory. The current version, available on the most recently released Starlink CD-ROM (early 2002) is v1.3-2.

The package performs various tasks including finding objects, aperture photometry, obtaining the point spread function and profile fitting photometry. Profile fitting in crowded fields is performed iteratively which improves the accuracy of the photometry.


The following materials are available:
SUN/42: DAOPHOT - Stellar photometry package
Introductory document.
MUD/9 - DAOPHOT II User's Manual
Detailed manual - Postscript file only.
Source code
Hypertext version of package source files for perusal.
Running DAOPHOT from a script
Some tips on how to do automated DAOPHOT processing in Unix.

Latest version

The current version of DAOPHOT, v1.3-2, offers the following improvements on the previously released version (v1.2, released on the Spring 2000 CD): A consequence of these changes may be to fix certain unexpected or incorrect behaviour previously exhibited by the programs.


Obtaining the code
As with other Starlink code, copies of DAOPHOT built for Solaris, Compaq Tru64 Unix, and Red Hat Linux can be obtained from the Starlink Software Store.
Any bug reports, comments or queries should be mailed to

Mark Taylor, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, UK