Mark Taylor's publications

Astronomy Software - main author

My current job is software rather than research, hence I don't spend most of my time working towards published papers, but I have some. The following are mostly ones for which I've done significant amounts of the actual writing. Many are for the ADASS conference series.
  1. TOPCAT & STIL: Starlink Table/VOTable Processing Software,
    ASP Conf. Ser. 347, ADASS XIV, 29 (2005)
    2005ASPC..347...29T: Published paper .pdf.
  2. STILTS - A Package for Command-Line Processing of Tabular Data,
    ASP Conf. Ser. 351, ADASS XV, 666 (2006)
    2006ASPC..351..666T: Published paper .pdf, poster .pdf,
  3. Binding Applications Together with PLASTIC,
    John D Taylor, Thomas Boch, Marco Comparato, Mark Taylor, Noel Winstanley, Robert G Mann,
    ASP Conf. Ser. 376, ADASS XVI, 511 (2007)
  4. Column-Oriented Table Access Using STIL: Fast Analysis of Very Large Tables,
    Mark Taylor, Clive Page,
    ASP Conf. Ser., 394, ADASS XVII, 422 (2008)
    2008ASPC..394..422T: Published paper .pdf, poster .pdf.
  5. STILTS Plotting Tools: Scriptable graphics generation from small and large tables,
    Mark Taylor,
    ASP Conf. Ser. 411, ADASS XVIII, 510 (2009)
    2009ASPC..411..510T: Published paper .pdf, poster .pdf.
  6. SAMP: Application Messaging for Desktop and Web Applications,
    Mark Taylor, Thomas Boch, Jonathan Fay, Mike Fitzpatrick and Luigi Paioro,
    ASP Conf. Ser. 461, ADASS XXI, 279 (2012)
    2012ASPC..461..279T: Published paper .pdf, presentation .pdf.
  7. Application Interoperability with SAMP,
    Mike Fitzpatrick, Omar Laurino, Luigi Paioro and Mark Taylor,
    ASP Conf. Ser. 475, ADASS XXII, 395 (2013)
    2013ASPC..475..395F: Published paper .pdf, partial presentation .pdf.
  8. Visualising Large Datasets in TOPCAT v4,
    M. B. Taylor,
    ASP Conf. Ser. 485, ADASS XXIII, 257 (2014)
    2014ASPC..485..257T: Published paper .pdf, presentation .pdf.
  9. External Use of TOPCAT's Plotting Library,
    ASP Conf. Ser. 495, ADASS XXIV, 177 (2015)
    2015ASPC..495..177T: Published paper .pdf, poster .pdf.
  10. Client Interfaces to the Virtual Observatory Registry,
    M.Demleitner, P.Harrison, M.Taylor and J.Normand,
    Astronomy and Computing 10, 88 (2015),
    2015A&C....10...88D (reprinted as 2015A&C....11...91D): Published .pdf.
  11. SAMP, the Simple Applications Messaging Protocol: Letting applications talk to each other,
    M.B.Taylor, T.Boch and J.Taylor,
    Astronomy and Computing 11, 81 (2015),
    2015A&C....11...81T: Published .pdf.
  12. TOPCAT's TAP Client,
    ASP Conf. Ser. 512, ADASS XXV, 589 (2017),
    2017ASPC..512..589T: Published paper .pdf, poster .pdf.
  13. All of the Sky: HEALPix Density Maps of Gaia-scale Datasets from the Database to the Desktop,
    M.B.Taylor, G.Mantelet and M.Demleitner,
    ASP Conf. Ser. 521, ADASS XXVI, 410 (2017),
    2019ASPC..521..410T: Published paper .pdf, poster .pdf.
  14. TOPCAT: Desktop Exploration of Tabular Data for Astronomy and Beyond,
    Mark Taylor,
    Informatics 4(3), 18 (2017),
    2017arXiv170702160T: Open access paper, local .pdf.
  15. TOPCAT: Working with Data and Working with Users,
    Mark Taylor,
    ASP Conf. Ser. 522, ADASS XXVII, 67 (2018),
    2020ASPC..522...67T: Presented slides .pdf, published paper .pdf, talk video (00:12-00:44).
  16. TOPCAT and Gaia,
    Mark Taylor,
    ASP Conf.Ser. 523, ADASS XXVIII 43 (2019),
    2019ASPC..523...43T: Published paper .pdf, poster .pdf.
  17. Web SAMP and HTTPS: What to do?,
    M. B. Taylor,
    ASP Conf.Ser. 527, ADASS XXIX, 85 (2020),
    2020ASPC..527...85T: Published paper .pdf, poster .pdf.
  18. TOPCAT Visualisation Over the Web,
    M. B. Taylor,
    ASP Conf.Ser., 532, ADASS XXX, 3 (2021),
    2022ASPC..532....3T, Published paper .pdf, presented talk .pdf, talk video, (squished video).
  19. Taplint, the TAP Service Validator,
    Mark Taylor,
    ASP Conf.Ser., ADASS XXXI (2022),
    arXiv:2112.08003, Submitted paper .pdf, poster .pdf.
  20. Improving Performance in Java: TOPCAT and STILTS,
    Mark Taylor,
    ASP Conf.Ser., ADASS XXXII (2023),
    arXiv:2211.16913, Submitted paper .pdf, poster .pdf.
  21. TOPCAT Corner Plot,
    Mark Taylor,
    ASP Conf.Ser., ADASS XXXIII (2024),
    Submitted paper .pdf, poster .pdf.

Astronomy Software - others

The following papers have my name on them, but I may not have done much actual work on them:

  1. Starlink Software Developments,
    M.Bly, D.L.Giaretta, M.J.Currie and M.B.Taylor,
    ASP Conf. Ser. 295, ADASS XII, 445 (2003)
    Published .ps file .pdf file.
  2. HDX Data Model - FITS, NDF and XML implementation,
    D.L.Giaretta, M.B.Taylor, P.W.Draper, N.Gray and B.McIlwrath,
    ASP Conf. Ser. 295, ADASS XII, 221 (2003)
    Published .ps file, .pdf file.
  3. Web Services and their use in Starlink Software,
    M.B.Taylor, R.T.Platon, A.J.Chipperfield, P.W.Draper and D.L.Giaretta,
    ASP Conf. Ser. 295, ADASS XII, 325 (2003)
    Published .ps file, .pdf file.
  4. Data Models in the VO: How Do They Make Code Better?,
    N.Gray, D.L.Giaretta, D.S.Berry, M.J.Currie, P.W.Draper, M.B.Taylor,
    ASP Conf. Ser. 314, ADASS XIII, 535 (2004)
    Published .ps file, .pdf file.
  5. Starlink Software,
    D.Giaretta, M.Currie, S.Rankin, P.Draper, N.Gray, D.Berry, M.Taylor,
    ASP Conf. Ser. 314, ADASS XIII, 832 (2004)
    Published .ps file .pdf file.
  6. Porting the Starlink Software Collection to GNU Autotools,
    N.Gray, T.Jenness, A.Allan, D.S.Berry, M.J.Currie, P.W.Draper, M.B.Taylor,
    ASP Conf. Ser. 347, ADASS XIV, 119 (2005)
  7. Starlink Software Developments,
    P.W.Draper, A.Allan, D.S.Berry, M.J.Currie, D.Giaretta, S.Rankin, N.Gray, M.B.Taylor,
    ASP Conf. Ser. 347, ADASS XIV, 22 (2005)
  8. GAIA 3D: Visualising Data Cubes,
    Peter W Draper, Malcolm J Currie, Tim Jenness, Jamie Leech, Frossie Economou, David S Berry, Mark B Taylor,
    ASP Conf. Ser. 376, ADASS XVI, 695 (2007)
    Submitted .ps file.
  9. Astro Runtime - An API to the Virtual Observatory,
    Noel Winstanley, John D Taylor, Mark B Taylor, Keith Noddle, Eduardo Gonzalez Solares, Johan Lindroos,
    ASP Conf. Ser. 376, ADASS XVI, 571 (2007)
  10. The Gaia Mission,
    Gaia Collaboration et al.,
    A&A 595, A1 (2016),
  11. Gaia Data Release 1: Summary of the astrometric, photometric and survey properties,
    Gaia Collaboration et al.,
    A&A 595, A2 (2016),
  12. Quantitative phase microscopy for non-invasive live cell population monitoring,
    Aknoun, Yonnet, Djabari, Graslin, Taylor, Pourcher, Wattellier and Pognonec,
    Scientific Reports 11, 4409 (2021),

Lattice dynamics

This work was mostly done while I was doing a postdoc in Neil Allan's group in the Chemistry department at Bristol University between March 1995 and March 1998. (That web page also includes a rather silly picture of me from around then).

Note that unless you are located in the domain, the links to papers below will not be accessible for copyright reasons. Please contact me if you would like copies of any of these papers.

  1. Free-energy derivatives and structure optimization within quasiharmonic lattice dynamics,
    M.B.Taylor, G.D.Barrera, N.L.Allan and T.H.K.Barron,
    Phys. Rev. B 56, 14380 (1997).
    Published .ps file, .pdf file
  2. Shell: a code for lattice dynamics and structure optimisation of ionic crystals,
    M.B.Taylor, G.D.Barrera, N.L.Allan and T.H.K.Barron,
    Comput. Phys. Commun. 109, 135 (1998).
    Published .ps file, .pdf file.
  3. Quasiharmonic free energy and derivatives for three-body interactions,
    M.B.Taylor, N.L.Allan, J.A.O.Bruno and G.D.Barrera,
    Phys. Rev. B 59, 353 (1999).
    Published .ps file, .pdf file, or (slightly more nicely typeset?) preprint .ps file.
  4. Ionic Solids at elevated temperatures and high pressures: MgF2,
    G.D.Barrera, M.B.Taylor, N.L.Allan and T.H.K.Barron,
    J. Chem. Phys. 107, 4337 (1997).
    Published .ps file, .pdf file.
  5. Quasiharmonic free energy and derivatives for slabs: oxide surfaces at elevated temperatures,
    M.B.Taylor, C.E.Sims, G.D.Barrera, N.L.Allan and W.C.Mackrodt,
    Phys. Rev. B 59, 6742 (1999).
    Published .ps file, .pdf file.
  6. Hybrid Monte Carlo and lattice dynamics simulations: the enthalpy of mixing of binary oxides,
    J.A.Purton, J.D.Blundy, M.B.Taylor, G.D.Barrera and N.L.Allan,
    Chem. Commun. 627 (1998).
    Published .ps file, .pdf file
  7. Free energy of formation of defects in polar solids,
    M.B.Taylor, G.D.Barrera, N.L.Allan, T.H.K.Barron and W.C.Mackrodt,
    Farad. Discuss. 106, 377 (1997).
    Published .ps file, .pdf file
  8. Ionic solids at elevated temperatures and/or high pressures: lattice dynamics, molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo and ab initio studies,
    N.L.Allan, G.B.Barrera, J.A.Purton, C.E.Sims and M.B.Taylor,
    Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2, 1099 (2000).
    Published .ps file, .pdf file
  9. Free energy of solid solutions and phase diagrams via quasiharmonic lattice dynamics,
    N.L.Allan, G.D.Barrera, R.M.Fracchia, M.Yu.Lavrentiev, M.B.Taylor, I.T.Todorov and J.A.Purton,
    Phys. Rev. B. 63, 094203 (2001).
    Published .pdf file
  10. Evaluation of thermodynamic properties of solids by quasiharmonic lattice dynamics,
    N.L.Allan, G.D.Barrera, T.H.K.Barron and M.B.Taylor,
    Int. J. Thermophys. 22, 535 (2001)
    Published .pdf file

Magnetic and compositional ordering in metals

The following papers were published as a result of my Ph.D. done at the Physics department at Bristol University under the supervision of Balazs Gyorffy between 1989 and 1992.
  1. A ferromagnetic monolayer with model spin-orbit and dipole-dipole interactions,
    M.B.Taylor and B.L.Gyorffy
    J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 5, 4527 (1993)
    Published .ps file, .pdf file
  2. Magnetic and compositional order in nickel-rich NicFe1-c alloys,
    M.B.Taylor, B.L.Gyorffy and C.J.Walden,
    J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 3, 1575 (1991)
  3. Monte Carlo simulations of an FCC NicFe1-c alloy with vector magnetic freedom,
    M.B.Taylor and B.L.Gyorffy,
    J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 104-107, 877 (1992)
  4. Monte Carlo simulations of a simple Ising spin model representing 111 and 100 nickel-iron multilayers,
    M.B.Taylor and B.L.Gyorffy,
    J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 3, 4971 (1991)

And now for something completely different

I collaborated with my friend Tom on a paper about data analysis techniques based on his work observing baboons in Kenya:
  1. Data for free: How to estimate the association of non-focal subjects using a focal window,
    T.D.Sambrook and M.B.Taylor,
    Behaviour 137, 1257 (2000)

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