This page presents a small library for access to RI 1.0-compliant Virtual Observatory Registries. There is some background on why I wrote it in this talk from the IVOA Interop meeting in Victoria 2010.

Available materials:

Documentation is in the javadocs; see both the Package Description and the individual class documentation.

This is a convenience release of a subset of the starjava codebase. The full codebase can be retrieved from the subversion repository by doing "svn checkout"; or see the svn web interface.

To find what version of a regclient jar file has, see the resource uk/ac/starlink/registry/registry.version (this gives a starjava subversion revision number or git SHA). You can find a short summary of changes to the version released here in the version history.

Any queries or comments, please contact the author.

Oct 23, 2013
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