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Writes tables in the semi-standard Comma-Separated Values format. This does not preserve any metadata apart from column names, and is generally inefficient to read, but it can be useful for importing into certain external applications, such as some databases or spreadsheets.

By default, the first line is a header line giving the column names, but this can be inhibited using the header=false configuration option.

The handler behaviour may be modified by specifying one or more comma-separated name=value configuration options in parentheses after the handler name, e.g. "csv(header=true,maxCell=160)". The following options are available:

header = true|false
If true, the first line of the CSV output will be a header containing the column names; if false, no header line is written and all lines represent data rows.
maxCell = <int>
Maximum width in characters of an output table cell. Cells longer than this will be truncated.

If no output format is explicitly chosen, writing to a filename with the extension ".csv" (case insensitive) will select CSV format for output.

An example looks like this:

1,pig,Pigling Bland,4,0.8,true
6,queen ant,Ma'am,6,0.002,false

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