[Image of Sun]

The Method


Registax is a stacking software that brings out fainter detail which is only visible by stacking multiple frames. Firstly open your avi video file, then by selecting to see a list of frames you can deselect any unwanted frames. About 300 or more frames will produce a relativly good image. The next step is selecting a reference frame as shown below:


Here I have chosen a very clear and focused frame, this means that when I select an alignment point, it will more accurately align each frame too it.

  • Note to pick a recognisable point that will not travel off the frame during the video clip.

Then by selecting align your images will be layered upon each other. After that is completed go to optimize and select optimize and stack. Once that has completed it should take you to the wavelet section where by varying the settings shown below, different image detail will be enhanced. Getting a balance between detail and noise is required here.


  • Note the sliders also only make the changes once released. The contrast and brightness of the images can be varied too. The settings only need small adjustment otherwise noise and artifacts will become pronounce. This can be seen on earlier images that were taken using different settings and so lacked contrast.

Then by selecting Do All your changes will be ready for you to save your image. The image can be saved in a number of formats, Fits will allow the image to be open and edited in DS9, while Tiff will allow the image to be opened in paint shop pro 8.Both image formats retain most of the image data.